This small 459m2 block provided a challenge to design a home that maximizes the use of outdoor living while conforming with boundary set back and height restrictions. The shape of this home follows the tapering of the block boundaries.  With the home placing a small foot print on the lot and the use of steel post, we were able to use natural plantation timber to provide the main floor structure. The small footprint provides more usable land for landscaping and outdoor activities. This unique home, designed by Mike has many features which include decking on each level which provides shelter for soffits for the floor below. The roof line was inspired from the Agnes Water Headland meeting the open surf. This is featured with the three main roofs following natural fall of the surrounding hills, while the fourth curved entry roof provides a contrast that is derived from the ocean.  The external wall cladding is low visual impact ‘Weather-tex’ products sealed with innovated colours extending from a creamy stone and partnered with an earthy grey.  The entry walls complement the natural curved roof with sand coloured FC sheeting trimmed with natural hardwood cover strips. This innovative home provided a bench mark in design and was recognized by HIA in 2006 winning HIA Wide Bay Small Lot Housing of the Year.